Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bollywood Actresses Without Make-Up

Girls Did you ever think that you should have skin like your Favorite Bollywood actresses and Boys did you ever felt that your girlfriend should look like a particular actress. Please change your views, because when you read this you surely will have no choice.
Bollywood actresses just look so gorgeous on screen. They mesmerize each and everyone including people who are not even Indians. But what do you think that these stars who dazzle on screen, do they look as fabulous as they look on scree.
Well we give you a sneak-peak when they are at their weakest level and that means that they have not worn their magic (make-up). You will be shocked to see something of this sort, so try and avoid these pictures, because once you look at them, we are sure your favorites will no longer be your favorites.
As the make-up is what really makes them the Diva, they are without make-up they are like what fish is without water.
Presenting you the Bollywood Divas without Make-up

Mugdha Godse :
She has dazzled the fashion ramp and also in The ‘Fashion’ movie. She looks like a million bucks in the movie and on ramp she has a face to die for. But people will die when  they see that Mugdha has such bad dark circles and she looks like she has malaria. Well this picture is taken when she was in pink of her health.

Lara Dutta :
The Miss Universe Lara Dutta who you have always seen on the screen as the Diva or the style queen, the girl looks at her worst in this pic. Well we are being harsh, she is not looking so bad, but totally opposite to her screen avatar. This shows what make-up can do. But still Lara whatever it is you have some standards don’t let them just stoop so down. You are looking so damp. Why???

Preity Zinta

Her expression is quite similar in the DE-glam look, she always has this cute smile. But it is not always that Preity Zinta looks this bad. Well again not ugly but not at all what she looks on the screen.

Aishwarya Rai

Well,the girl in the right side Bachchan and is the girl on the left is also Aishwarya Bachchan. What do you feel about the so-called most beautiful woman on this earth. Does she do justice to that tag. We guess its age and we cannot be so rude so maybe its age. Aishwarya please keep that make-up on, we cannot see something as horrible as this.

Tanushree Dutta

EEEKKKKSSSS…..Tanushree Dutaa looks like she has been beaten up and been thrown away from home and that is the reason she is looking like this. Please Tanushree you looked so good in AAshiq Banaya AApne, but anyways we haven’t seen much from you, Maybe make-up is very expensive now.

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is India’s original Diva and everybody loves Sushmita Sen. We love her too, and she seriously looks really fine without make-up. She is looking a bit of the hook, but that does not make her look disastrous. So Sushmita Thumbs up to you. She looks fabulous with make-up on as well as good with no make-up on.

Urmila Matondkar

Yes she is Urmila Matondkar. She looks like she just got up from the bed and the photo was clicked but that was not the reason why she is looking so horrible. She scared with Bhoot make-up on, well what if there was no make-up on it would had been the scariest movie ever made in the history of Indian Cinema.

Karishma Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor does not disappoint us. She is a proven Diva on screen and she looks equally amazing without make-up on. Her skin just looks so fresh and without make-up too has a glow on her face. Now that is what we call a Diva.


She is often helmed as the Bollywood’s best dressed celebrities and has always been so presentable with some great make-up (well that also she has lost she looked so bad even with make-up on), but looking at this picture we beg to differ from that. She looks so horrible that she can give competition to Urmila for Horror movies. Voila!!! What an idea Sonam, anyways your movies are duds; we give you a nice way to become an instant hit. Go to Vikram Bhatt, ask your daddy to produce the flick and come without make-up. Even without any story the horror flick will be the scariest, need we say more.

Katrina Kaif

She looks sleepy eyes, but we surely wont say that she is looking very good with this without make-up look too. She is really blessed with some really good skin and she looks good even without make-up. Although she looks much better with make-up that’s for sure.

Rani Mukherjee

OMG, No please tell me this is not Rani Mukherjee. But yes she is Rani Mukherjee and she is not even looking 0.0000000001 % of what she looks on screen. We don’t want to say anything more on this. This proves that people without good looks also can become actresses in this industry. Why do they blame the film industry for being so look-oriented? Rani is an inspiration to all the girls who don’t look good but have loads and loads of talent. Well at least she has something. that is the reason she is surviving in the industry for so many years.

Deepika Padukone

We are so being cliche now, but don’t have anything else now to say. These girls look like God have themselves carved them out, but instead its just the make-up artist who simply paints these people with beautiful features on their face. Deeps seriously you need to be covered in make-up. Siddharth might just get scared.

Priyanka Chopra

The glamorous Fashionista Priyanka Chopra, the dazzling Miss world Priyanka Chopra who has confessed in Ad that her skin is not perfect, well she was just not lying. Good work Priyanka you did not sell your soul to sell a product. But you still look really decent without make-up.


Kajol has been a hot favorite since anyone saw DDLJ, but here she really breaks everyone’s heart with this picture. We can just ask Kajol, please tell us that this was clicked while you were not well. Please Kajol please.

Rakhi Sawant

Did you expect her here, well she technically is a Bollywood actress so, but like other she is just not bad, she is worse, she looks like she is some B-grade dancer (Well isn’t she that in reality) oops sorry, she looks really bad. No more comments.
She looks really bad, is like stuck with us. But what can we do when the Bollywood Diva’s have disappointed us so much and to such an extent. We just can say, Girls whatever you do don’t leave or loose that make-up box of yours. Because for you girls we have just proved that Make-up is a girl’s new best friend.

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