Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kavalan Releases Film Scheduled in 350 Theatres

Vijay would have never dreamt of the obstacles he had faced before getting his ‘Kavalan’ out to the theatres. The good news is that Vijay has cleared all of them with great conviction and releasing ‘Kavalan’ in 350 theatres. Technology has come to his aid largely as almost 99 percent of the theatres screening ‘Kavalan’ are equipped with QUBE system. This is said to have rudely shocked the forces which were working against the release of the film.

Sources say Vijay was ready to make any kind of sacrifice to release ‘Kavalan’ as scheduled and he has succeeded in a big way. Of all the big releases on Pongal, ‘Kavalan’ has got the maximum number of screens, there by proving a point.

After ‘Kavalan’, Karthi’s ‘Siruthai’ is being screened in around 300 theatres and then comes ‘Aadukalam’. The Dhanush film is promoted as an arty commercial film and it has got approximately 200 screens. Pa. Vijay’s much hyped ‘Ilaignan’ will grace around 100 theatres.

Now that all the films are releasing as scheduled, begin your Pongal celebrations starting with your favourite

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