Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Current Style Obsession- The Mad Hatter

I was slightly disappointed by the new Tim Burton film Alice in Wonderland.
Looking back I hyped it up so much in my head that the stakes for the film were unbearably high and could never really be met.
It had my favourite director, Tim Burton. It had my favourite actor, Johnny Depp. It had the amazing Danny Elfman creating the soundtrack. It is based on one of the best and the most imaginative children's books ever written. It had Matt Lucas, Stephen Fry and ALAN RICKMAN- Severus Snape is irresistible. And of course the magnificent Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway playing the two Queens.
So yeah basically an amazing cast. But it was also in 3D and a collaboration with Disney!
The possibilities for the films greatness were endless!
But it just didn't quite deliver, for me.

Sure on one hand it was a snapshot into Tim Burton's undeniably brilliant mind and a directorial wonder with some great performances. On the other the plot was lacking and not as engaging as it should have been seeing that Burton declared "he never felt a connection emotionally" with the book.

Good job then that the costumes were fantastic, they kept me distracted from the not-quite-right plot of Alice revisiting Wonderland.
Colleen Atwood is a genius. I found out through a quick IMDB search that she also did the costumes for Chicago and Nine (remember me raving about the costumes here?) and has won 2 Oscars, so there is no denying she is one talented lady!

-Alice's little (or big depending on how much of the "drink me" potion she had taken) blue dresses
-The breathtaking corseted gowns in the wedding scene in the beginning, which looked as if they had just stepped out of a period drama
-The heart motif which was on every Queen of Hearts piece (Helena BC was of course, amazing in the role)

But above all else there was the Mad Hatter with his amazing liquorice allsorts bow tie, pocket watch, crazy hat and old beaten up patchwork suit. He look incredible.

Just don't mention that ridiculous Jaberwocky dance...

Beth Ruby xoxo

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